Best Valentine’s Day for South Africa


Yesterday marked possibly the best Valentine’s present we as South Africans could receive. Our President, Jacob Zuma, finally agreed to step down after much political anguish.

On 15th February 2018 the country woke up with renewed vigour and hope. Even our currency perked up and showed some signs of strengthening. Cape Town received much needed rain on February 13th, which was also much rejoiced throughout the Western Cape during what has been one of the most epic droughts and water shortages we’ve seen in years.

More good news arrived on February 15th with the City of Cape Town announcing that one of the first four desalination plants for the City, was making good progress (Strandfontein), and that it should be up and running, and supplementing to the main water pool from as soon as March if all things go well. Read more about the City of Cape Town’s desalination plant plans here.

A great week for our country. Let’s hope both these pieces of news also add to an upturn more home-sharing and short-stay international visitors.

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