Founding Sharing SA

SharingSA is a community to find and share information as well as network for the sharing economy in South Africa.

Founded by Christine da Silva, who had mentored and guided the Airbnb Community in Cape Town together with Corina Rosca since 2015 as official Host Ambassadors and, decided in 2017 to widen the community to all home-sharing platforms.

The intent is to share what they’ve learnt in a more accessible way via workshops and consulting, and share their own business network, tips, tricks and discounts from relevant providers in the industry with the larger community.

Their goal is to create and inspire a movement of collaboration within the home-sharing economy, which they aim will form an association that can negotiate for the many.

They already guide and mentor an active FB Community for Airbnb, and hope that more will join the larger Sharing SA FB community to ask wider questions not only related to Airbnb, but other home-sharing platforms such as, Lekkeslaap/ TravelGround and SafariNow to name a few.

Through this website they hope to release locally relevant market information to their niche member base in the form of newsletters and events. Workshops and consulting will be available to the public, and both Christine and Corina will be available for public events or speaking opportunities as they arise.

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    Alvin Naidoo

    I admire the work you and your team are doing.
    I am interested in converting my property to an Airbnb.
    Kindly send me more information on how to go about it.

    Thank you.

    Alvin Naidoo

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