Besides consulting and advising to the sharing economy, SharingSA are passionate about living the collaborative society credo. Through our experience we hope to help communities shape more sharing and supportive initiatives. We do this by connecting with specific hosts in various neighbourhoods and cities and understanding what we can help support, and as a community they can grow.

Some of the projects that w are already involved with include:

Our Community Initiatives

We are involved with a few community initiatives like the Langa Hosting Project. If you have an idea or would like to speak to us about a particular initiative, please feel free to contact us. We’re always happy to discuss community initiatives with fellow hosts.

Creating A Sharing City

Our objective is to create a sharing city for the benefit of all. Communities working together as a collaborative society. We know our vision is huge, but if we stand together, we will succeed.

Home Sharing Association

Through our various Networks we are creating an Association aimed at home sharing and holiday accommodation hosts of South Africa. A place where members may turn for objective advice, member networking and discounts on places and products we all need as part of the short-term rental community.

Pre-loved Linen Drop-off

As hosts and guest house owners, we all know that it takes a lot to get started out. With our pre-loved linen drop-off points, we hope to help kickstart some of our Langa hosts who don’t have budgets for the initial outlay required to get going as hosts.

Key Exchange

One of our future projects is to create or collaborate with a range of unique spaces or coffee shops throughout the country for safe Key Exchange and Luggage Hold in-between quick-turnaround guest stays.